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Bring your windows to life!

If you’re looking to bring your tired old windows to life, why not consider frosted glass film? And because they come in many designs, patterns and the ability to have your very own unique custom design, why not get a little creative while you’re at it?

Given that its’ able to let up to 90% of warm natural light pass through while still keeping prying eyes off your personal living spaces, frosted glass adhesive is an excellent way of adding a touch of privacy as well, without compromising the ambience of your living or work areas. And because frosted glass adhesive can be applied to virtually any glass surface, the possibilities are endless!

Plus, because the frosted glass film is easily removable, you could even change the designs on your windows whenever you feel like it! Browse our ready-made designs for frosted glass film inspiration or take a look at our image gallery to get started.

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