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Use our plain frosted privacy film to let the sun shine in and keep your nosey neighbours out!

You can use plain frosted privacy film on any window – inside or outside – to turn your old see-through windows into frosted or etched glass!

It looks modern. Sleek. But, more importantly, if you require extra privacy, these films also have a practical purpose as they can obscure or restrict the view into personal areas.

This feature also gives you the power to block out the unsightly or unwanted views that normally stare at you through your window…

The neighbours backyard… The hot-water service… The bins…

It can enhance your security and privacy – by keeping unwanted people from looking into your home or office…

And it lets you do all this while letting 90% of the warm natural light in all year round. (A benefit you just can’t get with curtains, blinds or drapes.)

This frosted film is perfect for putting on the outside of your shower screen, kitchens, glass-panelled cupboard fronts (to hide the contents), laundries, the glass panels either side of a front door…

And it’s cheaper than blinds or curtains.  Take a look at our designs…


Why Frost & Co Window Film?

  • Frost & Co Window Film comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty (although from personal experience, you should expect it to last more than 10).
  • It’s easy to install yourself.
  • And it’s made of a premium grade polymetric vinyl – the same type of material they use on the outside of airliners. So the material is tough and long lasting – it can withstand heat and cold.
  • It won’t split or crack – like cheap film, and has a smooth flat surface.
  • And it’s also very easy to clean – simply wipe off the dirt and dust with a smooth cloth. (Don’t use an abrasive brush, or you might scratch the film.)

“But I already have curtains and blinds!”

That’s great.

Because this film works very well with existing window treatments. It actually allows you to get more enjoyment out of your existing curtains, drapes, blinds (and other treatments) by giving you the freedom to open them up – without putting your privacy at risk – and enjoy the way they look in the natural light.

You can also use the film to add an extra layer of privacy to bathrooms, toilets and laundries.


Get your price, order now and have your film delivered in some instances the next day! (Depending on where you are located) 

  • First, measure the size of the window you want.
  • Choose from one of our designs or our plain film
  • Enter your measurments and receive a price immediately
  • Proceed through the checkout to place your order
  • If you have ordered plain film, it will be sent the following Tuesday.  If you have ordered a designed film, you will receive a proof of the by the next working day for your approval.  As it’s all custom cut, we can design the film to suit your specific needs.
  • Your film is then sent to cut, and dispatched to you with instructions and a link to our You Tube site. 
  • Hint: If your window is wider than 1220mm, then swap your width and height measurements.
  • Multiple windows to cover? Work out your total area needed, and then simply cut to the smaller sizes you need.
  • No minimum order.

Your Frosted Film comes rolled and sent in a poster tube – so you don’t have to worry about creasing or ripping.

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