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A cost effective option

Window film is a great way of adding a little touch of design to your living spaces, whether you’re looking at frosted film to increase the privacy of your bedroom, or decorative film for the outside of your shower screen to spice up your bathroom. And when compared to sandblasting windows to achieve a similar effect, frosted window film is a very cost effective option.

And what’s more, our window film is completely removable at any time. This means you could replace our removable frosted window film and replace it with a fresh design whenever you feel like it!

Because our removable window film doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind, cleaning up for a fresh install is a breeze!

White door with decorative removable frosted window film appliedFrench door with removable frosted window film applied


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Browse our range of removable window film for some design inspiration. Our removable frosted window film can be tailored to virtually any size; so your creative possibilities are endless!

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