Plain Frost Product


Our plain frosted film is beautiful and easy to install. Us it on any smooth glass surface.

You can’t see out of the film or in the film, even at night with the lights on.

Your film will be cut to the exact measurements you give. We suggest that you over measure if you are concerned about the frames being straight.

Ideal in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundries, glass cupboard, French doors, or front doors. Our film will not be affected by steam or condensation, however we don’t recommend it’s installed behind a cook top where the heat will affect it.

Our film has a 7 year manufactures warranty for internally installed film. You can install the film outside. Our film is guaranteed not to crack or shrink like cheap film will.

To receive a price simply input your measurements in millimeters (mm) with the number only. i.e. 58 cm = 580 mm = input 580.

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Plain Frost Product

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