A fun way to cover the potentially dangerous glass panels in your child’s room – or a dirty mark on the wall – and transform something ugly into something useful Blackboard film!

Yes blackboard film. It’s exactly what you think it is… A film you put up and can draw on with chalk. Great for kids. Fun (and useful) for adults, too.

Put some blackboard film in the kitchen and you could turn it into a “Things we need from the shops” list… Or a reminder board… Or you could use it to jot down important telephone numbers, birth dates… What else could you use a blackboard for?

This blackboard film is an easy way to add organisation and style to your home. Use chalk on this vinyl blackboard. It can be erased and cleaned up just like on any regular blackboard with a dry or slightly wet paper towel or sponge.

Blackboard Panels can be applied to any clean, dry, smooth surface and are removable and repositionable. So if you want to try it on a cabinet, then decide it would be just perfect on the fridge, all you have to do is peel it off and stick it on.

Use as a message board, a task list or a playroom essential.

Our blackboard panels are cleaner and less time-consuming than painting over a dirty mark on the wall… and they’re removable. So no need to worry if change your mind. You can put them up and taken them down in minutes! You can also have these cut into shapes or any design.

Take a look at the samples above.